12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Lemon Sugar Cookies

(C) Cyn/Flickr Creative Commons

I love sugar cookies. They are easy to make, and they are just a great classic cookie that they are hard to deny. While some sugar cookies require the use of a lot of sugary frosting to make them taste like a sugar cookie, there are other ways that you can make them taste great […]

12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Pancake Cookies

(C) renee White/ Flickr Creative Commons

Today is another fun foodie holiday, maple syrup day. I thought it would be fun to make pancake cookies that taste just like maple syrup. These¬† pancake cookies are fluffy and delicious, although not a great alternative to breakfast. Now that we’re finally in the home stretch for Christmas, my house has been a buzz […]

12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Sugar Free Biscotti with Drizzled Chocolate

Today is Chocolate Covered Anything Day so I thought it would be only appropriate that the cookie of the day be something covered in chocolate. Biscotti is a great cookie to go with coffee, and because these are sugar free, it makes them a good choice for diabetics or anyone watching their sugar intake. Biscotti […]

12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Mint Chocolate Softies

(C) Flickr Creative Commons

Mint can be an overpowering flavor. Most either love it or hate it, with little in-between. However, there is one thing that most can’t deny, it tastes great with chocolate.¬† for the final countdown to setting out Santa’s plate of cookies, I decided to go with the Mint Chocolate Softies, because they are a nice, […]

12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

(C) Jordana Lea/ Flickr Creative Commons

Who doesn’t love a classic? Chocolate chip cookies are one of those that when you see them, they just remind you of mom or grandma baking in the kitchen, and other nostalgic memories from childhood. Most every package of chocolate chips comes with a recipe for these classic cookies, but everyone has a favorite. This […]

12 days of Christmas cookies: Bourbon Pecan Shortbread Cookies

(C) Flickr Creative Commons

We are officially on the countdown to Christmas. There are only 12 days left before the Jolly old Fat Guy crams himself down the chimney to deliver presents and eat all your cookies and milk. Many are flipping through their recipe books, trying to figure out which cookies to make this year for their holiday […]

National Hot Cocoa Day: Polar Express Hot Cocoa

polar express cocoa

One of my kiddo’s favorite movies that he watches all year long is The Polar Express. One of the things the movie is most remembered for is their little song and dance about hot chocolate. Haven’t Seen it? Here’s a clip below. Apparently, the Polar Express has some really rockin’ hot cocoa. Since it’s national […]

7 fun foodie Christmas ornaments

candy cane reindeers

One of the funnest things for a foodie is figuring out how they can decorate their Christmas tree to represent all their food likes. Some are just a given because it’s that time of year, and no tree should be without, like candy canes, while others tell a different story. Here are some fun foodie […]

Holiday Baking Planner Printable

holiday baking planner

Planning your holiday baking can be just as stressful as the holiday itself. How many do you need or each item? What are you going to bake? Do you have all the ingredients to make everything on the list? Forgetting something while your in the midst of a baking frenzy can really dampen your spirits […]

Dairy Free Eggnog Recipe

(C) Brown Eyed Baker/ Flickr Creative Commons

T’is the season for festive drinks for the holiday, and this month also just happens to be Eggnog Month. Since so many people have food allergies, I figured I’d go a different way with it and offer up a dairy free eggnog version of this holiday classic that you can make at home. It’s really […]

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